Privacy Policy

McAfee Privacy Policy

We at McAfee care deeply about your privacy and personal data. We strive to ensure that your data is protected and that you do not have to face any disruptions or security threats due to using our product. Protecting your form threats such as identity thefts, unauthorized access to your system, disruptions in the service, and other unlawful activities, is one of our main concerns. This Privacy and Policy page aims to inform you about the privacy standards our company follows and duly inform you about all the data that we collect and use.

Our company is evolving continuously,and we might make changes to our privacy policies about which you will be informed through email or notifications. It is necessary that you read our privacy policy to stay updated with all our latest changes.

Information collected by us

When using our product we collect some information to provide you with personalized products and services. Some of the information is provided by you and others are collected through the products you use.

  • Personal information such as email address, name, address and phone number.
  • Payment information such as card numbers, billing address, bank account information.
  • Log in credentials for your account
  • Products you purchased, biometric data, demographic information

We might also collect information about devices that use our products, such as

  • Device information such as IP addresses, cookie identifiers, Bluetooth devices, MAC address, Advertiser IDs, IMEI, mobile device ID, mobile carrier. We also might need to collect language used in the devices, geolocation, operating system, hardware type, Internet links you click and information about pages you visit.
  • Information about your internet usage, app usage, logs for crashes and other various statistical data.
  • Services you looked for and time spent on them through statistical methods.

Why do we collect it?

We collect this information to provide you with the best services and tailor-made products. For support and bug fixes we analyze the data we collect. Apart from these, we use the information for the following uses:

  • Analyze all the data sent and received from your devices to identify threats and viruses and inform you about the potential dangers
  • Encrypting your personal data to protect it from unauthorized access
  • To help identify newer threats and create security updates to protect you from them
  • Monitor your services to ensure that they are performing optimally
  • Look for misuse of your personal data through identity thefts

We also use this information to develop our services and offer you the products that you might need. We also use the information to engineer better products and services that are suitable to the changing environment of internet security. To provide youbetter customer support we sue this information to understand your usage and identify the problem.

Sharing of your personal information

We only disclose your personal data to provide you with better services and support. In certain cases, we disclose your personal data to governmental agencies and judiciary authorities when we believe it is necessary to prevent any harm or injury to you. You can also choose to decide what information we share with others from your account.

Your data is protected by us using powerful industrial grade encryption and multilayered security. We use a number of physical, technical, industrial and administrative safeguards to protect your data. So you can rest peacefully since your data is safe with us and protected.