Mcafee Retail Card | Redeem Your McAfee Retail Card

Activating your McAfee Antivirus using McAfee Retial Card

Getting your copy of antivirus to work is quite easy and hassle-free. Our products are made to be simple to use and operate. With fast and easy installation and activation, you can get the antivirus to work as soon as you purchase it. One of the ways to activate it is using a McAfeeretail card that you may purchase from retailers.

Installing the Antivirus - McAfee MIS Retial Card

You can install the antivirus either through a CD or a web installation. If you are using a CD installation, then you simply need to insert the CD into a CD drive and let the setup run automatically. Once the setup begins, you will be asked to enter the MacAfee MIS retail card along with a few other credentials. Once it is done, your antivirus will be activated,and your system will be protected.


Range of products

We made sure that you find the exact product you need. Our products are tailor made for your requirements and needs. If you wish to use it for your personal use, then you can choose from our McAfee Live Safe. This product comes with a McAfee MLS retail card that you can use to activate your antivirus with.

For a higher level of protection with advanced features, you can purchase the McAfee Antivirus Plus. With this, you get complete protection and some features that you might require to protect your system against powerful viruses. This version comes with its own McAfee MAV retail card ,and you can use it to activate your copy and stay protected.

If you feel that your system may get infected from several sources and you need a complete array of tools to protect your system, then the McAfee Total Protection would be a good idea for you. With this, you can rest assured that your system is protected from all possible threats and viruses. To activate this copy, you need to use a McAfee MTP retail card. With this, you can quickly set it up,and the antivirus will be ready to protect your system from all threats.

Support from McAfee

Though the process of installing and activating your copy of antivirus is easy and quick, there might be questions you would like answers to. For any query and questions, you can look up our FAQ section. You might find the answers to a majority of questions. However, if you fail to do so, then you can simply call up our customer support team,and one of the experts will help you out. With our superior customer support and problem resolution, you can continue using our products without any interruptions. We will ensure that all your problems are solved at the earliest and that you do not havetoface any inconvenience while using our antivirus. With us, you can be sure that your system is protected and the data is safely stored. With regular security updates and virus definition, our antivirus protects you from all latest threats and viruses.